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Over the course of my short time here on Earth, I have had a multitude of jobs. Why is this important? Well, it's because there is no loyalty, no determination, no strength better than the powerful dynamic of a healthy, family owned and operated business. Period.

I know what you're thinking! Family owned and operated business aren't always healthy. Sometimes, they are quite the opposite, and you are absolutely right. No business is safe from the touch of corruption, negativity, or even hatred. It has been said (by who I don't remember) that family can hurt you the most out of anyone on this planet. And that, sadly, is also true. But for a second, let's pretend we're not all jaded and cynical.

Family business is so much more than just passing down a lineage, or an ownership title. When hardships occur, you aren't alone in weathering them. When triumph occurs, you are not alone when celebrating them. When you feel like you can't trust anyone, well guess what? You can trust in family. And that trust is what makes it all work.

My family and I fight when it comes to the business. Of course we do! I can't imagine it any other way for anyone else either. But the key is that we are always looking out for each other- this foundation of trust and honesty helps drive the business forward even in the face of horrific economic hardship. Even bankruptcy. This unique strength is something no other business can achieve. It is impossible, no matter how close, or friendly, or dedicated a workforce is.

Money becomes something to help the business opposed to a point of contention. Petty things come up, sure- but they are always put aside in the name of the business. In the name of its future, or even the family's future.

One thing I have never experienced in any job was the feeling of being part of a team. Often, I would be on the outside of cliques that would form internally due to the silly garbage of office politics. I also found that my seriousness about any given job was not shared, or even ridiculed. I am a firm believer that the phrase, “That's not my job!” shouldn't exist, and that everyone working together in any given job should be doing just that: actually working together! For the first time in my life, in my career, I can say that I am part of a team.

And it's a team that I believe in. Do you believe in your team?

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