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Not too long ago, my father and I went on an estimate. This estimate was a little unique as it turned out- a person needed help cleaning their basement, and their basement only. It's not something we typically do, so I was curious as to why we were doing it. I kept asking my dad why we had chosen to do this estimate, and he kept repeating, “this person asked for help with their basement.” The way he chose to phrase his response hung with me for some reason.

As we were driving out there, my father and I spoke about fun things, food, business, movies, television, the usual. It was nice, I must say. One of my favorite things to do at work, actually, is to go on first time cleanings and estimates with my father. He has a lot to teach, and simply by watching him work, one can learn a lot. We also do carpet cleanings together.

After a long time, we finally came to the house, and the owner was out to greet us. She was very kind, warm, and welcoming as she led us down to the basement. She also told her story as to why she needed us in the first place. Apparently, they had flooded (it had been drained when we were there), and a lot of old keepsakes were destroyed or damaged. She wanted to make sure that the basement was squeaky clean for fear of mold, mildew, and other unsavory basement surprises. But she was unable to clean it herself.

It was then I learned that we went to do this estimate to simply help someone. Would we turn a profit? No. But that's not what mattered. It turns out, she also wanted to the floor painted, which is something we don't do. But! We know a handyman (a damn good one to boot) that is the husband of a Budget employee, and referred him immediately.

My Dad and I walked out of the house when we were through, and then when we got back in the car, he explained why we came all the way out there- money wasn't the goal (what a concept, right?). We went out there to help someone in need, and in this instance, point them in the right direction. So what if we didn't make a buck?

That simple experience is one I will never forget because my father was able to summarize Budget's entire mission with a single act of kindness. We are here to help people. Yes, we are also in business to make money, but money comes and goes so quickly nowadays. We're so focused on it. And if we had been focused on money and nothing else, this person could still be struggling without us. And even the probability of that happening doesn't fly with me.

I'm not writing this as a commercial, or as a way to brag about how amazing Budget is. This entry is to remind us all that money is just an object. The real reason we should ALL be in business is to help others.

Money is fickle. Why follow its lead?

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