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Home Cleaning

The backbone of Budget Home and Office Cleaning is based on 4 principles; honesty, consistency, reliability and communication.  We take the appropriate steps to make sure we hire honest individuals that you can trust in your home or office.  We train our teams to perform the same high quality cleaning each and every time they enter your home. We want to create a long term relationship where we can clean your home consistently for years to come.  You can depend on your cleaning team to be at your home or office on your scheduled cleaning date.  Each home is different and needs individual attention to be properly cleaned. We make it as easy as possible for you to reach us if you should have a question or concern about how your home or office is being cleaned….

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Green Cleaning

Did you know that the EPA has determined that the air inside your home may be two to five more times polluted than the air outside? Dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and toxic chemicals may have your family living in a fog of pollution.

With a few simple tips and minor changes our cleaning products and routines could make a dramatic and positive impact on the health of your home, family and pets…

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Office Cleaning

Whether your office is 500 or 50,000 square feet, Budget Office Cleaning offers programs tailored to your specific corporate and individual needs. From daily general office cleanings, regular monthly visits, or anything inbetween- we deliver a standard of courteous, professional service well above and beyond the competition since 1995…

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Budget Now No Longer Outsources Our Carpet Cleaning!  Carpet and upholestry cleaning used to be outsourced here at Budget, but we’ve decided to change all that.We use our own equipment and personnel hand-picked by the staff you have come to trust with your home…

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